Oral Side Effects of Medications

What foods you eat can directly affect your teeth in either a positive or negative way. Foods and drinks that you should avoid are those that […]

Tissue-supported dental implant prosthesis or overdenture

The search of literature reviews English non-anecdotal implant overdentures articles from 1991 to 2011 The results display an aggregate comprehensive list of categorical variables from the […]

The anatomy of implant failures

Implant surgery is not perfect, and implant failures due to surgery will occur. While many issues may affect implant success, patient selection is important. Screening should […]

Smoking and Oral Health

Smoking leads to dental problems, including

Clinical Applications of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in Dental Practice

radiology is important in the diagnostic assessment of the dental patient and guidelines for the selection of appropriate radiographic procedures for patients suspected of having dental […]

Osteoporosis and oral bone loss

This paper is a review of the literature on the possible association between osteoporosis and oral bone loss, with an emphasis on radiological studies. Such an […]

Tooth Extraction for Gum Disease

Tooth extraction is done when gum disease has loosened or severely damaged a tooth. In most cases, a dentist can pull (extract) your tooth. But if […]

Smoking and dental implants

For an implant to succeed, there has to be an amalgamation of numerous factors, right from a good surgery to a good prosthesis and its proper […]

How successful are small-diameter implants?

Edentulism is an important issue and will remain so due to high numbers of edentate individuals worldwide. For many years, complete dentures have been the only […]

Failures in implant dentistry

This article describes the many failures and complications that can occur when using implants to support restorations. Most of these failures can be prevented with proper […]