(This is provided with dr. rokn , manager of the Iran Periodontology Association  )

Veterans Foundation employed The group of professional Dentist for Care and Treatment from Veterans After the war in 1368 .

On the other hand, a number of veterans who were sent to Germany for treatment were treated by dental implants. Iranian experts decided to invite the European therapists who were leading in the field of implant treatment to start widely in  the country. Therefore, experts such as Prof. Tessie of Afrans, Dr. Tollanse from France, Dr. Pederson from Denmark, Dr. Karring from Denmark, Dr. Molvaies from Belgium, Dr. Zahedi from Belgium and Dr. Lemann of Switzerland entered Iran during the years 1369 to 1372 and  were inserted the first dental implants with collaboration of the Iranian group Shamlk, dr.Asghar MirEmadi, dr.Amir Reza Rokn, dr.Hamid Mahmoud Hashemi, dr.Seyyed Hossein Salehi monfared, dr.Abbas Monzavi ,dr Mozhgan Paknezhad, and dr.akbar fazel . After 1372 , All Dental therapy on veterans did by specialists in the country .

In 1370 and 1371 two periodontist leading in the country, dr.Atrizadeh and dr.golnaraghi , began to implant Edentulous patients in Office .

In 1371 the Dental Implants part of Tehran Dental School manage by dr.abolHasan Mesgrzadeh and with dr.Gholamreza Ghaznavi ,dr.Mohammadhasan Shahroudi, dr.Hassan Behnaz, dr.Akbar Khoshkhounezhad and dr.esmail Yazdi began . This part did health activities in 1376 but then were added educational activities to it. Dental implants training officially entered Curriculum specialist periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and prosthodontics in the 1378 and the first dental implants Fellowship began in 1386 .

The progress and extent of implant treatment in our country due to the short history is amazing. Today, implant treatment and education do with specialists in all schools of the country that training of dentists .